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Huge Log filled with errors

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Huge Log filled with errors

Dear Gurus,

I have the log  "/home/dkm_data/run/go-carbon.log" which is being filled at high frequency with lines like:
'[2022-10-11T11:36:12.711+0200] ERROR [persister] failed to open whisper file {"path": "storage/whisper/dss/epsl29/11000/backend/server/dku/services/flowGraph/getProjectUnsafe/DLISMANGE/compute/max.wsp", "error": "Unable to read header: EOF"}\n'
[2022-10-11T11:36:12.713+0200] ERROR [persister] failed to open whisper file {"path": "storage/whisper/dss/epsl29/11000/backend/server/dku/services/flowGraph/getProject/DLISMANGE/p50.wsp", "error": "Unable to read header: EOF"}\n'

I understand the errors, but my questions are:
- is this generated by DSS ? (not entirely sure yet)
- what is a *.wsp file
- even if the error is not blocking, how could I prevent the entry in the log ? (a debug status somewhere ?)

Any hint is appreciated,
Michael Dercq

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Hi @mDercq ,

Based on path /home/dkm_data/run/go-carbon.log this is from the legacy DKU Monitoring: 

This is deprecated and you should look to replace the current graphite/carbon/grafana and redirect ( from Adminstration - Misc. Graphite) to a different endpoint.  A call with your Field Engineer should help get the ball rolling. 

Then you can just disable dkumonitor from starting up automatically:

sudo systemctl disable dkumonitor

 /home/dkm_data/bin/dkm stop and clean up any log files.

If you have any issues or further questions you can follow up directly over the support ticket which I believe you have opened already. 


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Hello Alex,
this entry is redundant with a support ticket, but let's close this post after I am sure all is fine: it will then be potentially usefull for the community, I believe.


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