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How to profile text data in a dataset?

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How to profile text data in a dataset?

Hi all,

I have been working a python library called NLP Profiler for some time now. 

I did briefly mention it in the Community Highlight message posted sometime back, as well.

Recently I have published this library along with notebooks/kernels on:






You can install it using the below command:

pip install nlp_profiler


Please go ahead and give it a whirl from within DSS or from outside.

I would also love to hear about other ideas related to DSS and NLP Profiler.

Looking forward to your constructive feedback.


PS: there is also an online session taking place next week for those interested, see

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Thanks all for the kudos, I was mentioning about the talk about the NLP Profiler, it went really well. Everyone received it well and here are the slides

The video will be out soon, I will share the video as well when available but the slides have a lot of links to go through in your spare time.

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