Dataiku and Intel Core i7 Laptop: Optimal Performance and User Experiences

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Dataiku and Intel Core i7 Laptop: Optimal Performance and User Experiences

Hello Data Science Enthusiasts,


As a data science enthusiast and proud owner of an Intel Core i7 laptop, I recently came across, a powerful platform designed to facilitate data science and machine learning projects. I'm excited about exploring its features and functionalities, but I wanted to reach out to the community to discuss experiences and insights from fellow users who have used Dataiku on their Intel Core i7 laptops.

Here are some points to consider and discuss:

Performance and Speed: How does perform on Intel Core i7 laptops? Have you noticed any differences in speed and responsiveness compared to other systems? Share your thoughts on the platform's overall performance.

Resource Utilization: Data science projects can be resource-intensive. For those using on Intel Core i7 laptops, how well does the platform utilize the system's capabilities? Are there any optimization tips to ensure smooth and efficient performance?

Compatibility and Stability: Have you encountered any compatibility issues between and Intel Core i7 laptops? How stable has the platform been during your data science workflows?

Data Processing: Intel Core i7 processors are known for their processing power. How has this processor enhanced your data processing capabilities within Have you worked with large datasets, and if so, how did the laptop handle them?


User Interface and Experience: boasts a user-friendly interface, but how well does it translate to Intel Core i7 laptops? Are there any specific features that work exceptionally well on this processor?

Integrations and Extensions: Intel Core i7 laptop  often come with various hardware and software configurations. Have you integrated with other tools or extensions on your laptop? Any success stories or challenges to share?

Best Practices: If you have discovered any best practices or tips specific to using on Intel Core i7 laptops, please share them with the community. These insights can be invaluable to others who are just starting their data science journey on similar hardware.

Let's use this forum thread as a platform to exchange experiences, troubleshoot issues, and learn from one another. Whether you are a seasoned data scientist or someone just starting with and Intel Core i7 laptops, your contributions are highly valued.


Looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Best regards,

Sara Morris

Operating system used: Window 10

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Hi, welcome to the forums. Dataiku runs in an Internet Browser. As such it doesn't really matter much what hardware you have, any decent machine will be suitable for the task. Specially if you run Dataiku using the SaaS offering from you will not be executing anything in your laptop as all the compute will be done in the Cloud.

Furthermore "Core i7" refers to a family of processors which involves hundreds of different CPUs. So if you wanted to talk about performance you will need to be a lot more specific than just "Core i7". In particular the generation is extremelly important and the CPU model number as well. 

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@Sarajmorris & @Turribeach 

As a data science enthusiast,  I have run the Dataiku server on the same laptop, as the browser that I control the server since 2016.  My first configuration was on a 2013 MacBook Air core 2 duo (i7) with 8gb RAM.

Note that the Dataiku team is very clear that a configuration like this should not be used for production work.  That said for a learning platform it worked and continues works remarkably well (last tested DSS V11).

Here are some thoughts that might be helpful to you:

  • one expectations need to be in alignment with the hardware available in the computer you are working with.
    • First how much RAM do you have available.  More is definitely better.
    • Second if you want to do any experiments with Neural Networks you will need a Coda,  PyTorch, GPU.   I know that some laptops have such GPUs in place.  I’ve never had access to such a setup.
  • I found that running a PostgreSQL server on the laptop as well made my experience better.

There are other conversations here in the community about these subjects.

You might try a google search like this to find them laptop

hope that helps a bit  



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