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Dataiku 10.0.6 released

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Dataiku 10.0.6 released

Quick heads up that Dataiku 10.0.6 has been released and the full release notes are available at
DSS 10.0.6 is a very significant new release with both new features, performance enhancements and bugfixes.

My highlights are these two API updates which are useful for exposing details about dashboards data freshness and most recent usage:

  • New feature: Added last login and last activity (opening DSS) to users API

  • New feature: Added an API to get information about dataset last build

Take a quick peek into the 10.0.6 release notes section of the Dataiku functionality you use most and you might discover another improvement touching your area of work, too. Let me know what you found.

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Lots of interesting updates here.  Thanks for pointing this out.

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