DSS Internal Stats Tables Relationships

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DSS Internal Stats Tables Relationships

I am trying to build a project to capture project history and performance stats using the internal stats datasets available within DSS.  Is there a diagram that shows the relationships between the tables?  

For example, 

Flow Actions -> Jobs

Flow Actions -> Scenarios

Flow Actions -> Cluster

Commits - Looks like a stand alone table.

Alternatively, should each of these tables be considered independently? 

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You have informations about what each table represents at this page in the doc

Here are some common keys between the tables.

- "Jobs" and "Scenario" tables share the "scenario_id" and "scenario_run_id" keys
- "Object states" and "Jobs" tables share the "job_id" key
- "Object states"and "Scenario" tables share the "scenario_id" and "scenario_run_id" keys

For instance if you want to have extra information on jobs that are scenario runs you might want to join "Jobs" and "Scenario" tables on the "scenario_run_id" key.