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DATAIKU partition is not working as expected

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DATAIKU partition is not working as expected

I have a total of 47 partitions in my flow. When I run the flow 37/47 instances got succeeded while 10/47 instances failed with the same error. when I tried running the instances separately one by one all the failed instances were completed successfully.

10/47 is not a static number of fails. every time the numbers are different.

Is there a fix for this issue or any workaround to retry the failed instances?


Partition instance details:

Screenshot 2022-05-29 190643.jpg

Failed instance error :



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what version of dss are you using.  I know that 10.0.6 was just released in the last week or two.

second and more importantly.  I’d like to invite and encourage you to submit a support ticket on this issue.  The support team is great, and are likely best equipped to get you a resolution.  

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