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Create a custom workflow

I am from a retail background. I need to automate the abandoned cart workflow to trigger email, app notification, web notification for the abandoned cart customers after a particular wait time. And also verify if the customer has been converted the next day or follow up after someday. Create reports of conversions etc Will this be possible. I need to increase the LTV value of customers based on the recommendation model. 

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Hi @vjkumar1987 ,

This should be achievable but you would need to work out a few details. I don't see an exact match of this use case here:
But if you are a customer please reach out to your CSM to discuss this further.
At a high level 
You would need a dataset with the abandoned carts which you feed to DSS
Run a scenario to send an email with plugin or custom code or API integration e.g to a third party
Feed back your transaction in another dataset and run a flow to determine if they converted
For product recommendations and creating a model see : 

Hope this helps

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