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Clear Notebook Output before checking into Version Control

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Clear Notebook Output before checking into Version Control

Suppose we are working with certain sensitive data and do not want the output of the cells to get stored in the version control system, how can we clear the outputs by default?

When checking in the notebooks separately, we use the following library which clears the output cells.

# Install libraries
pip install nbstripout nbconvert

# Inside the repository folder (with notebooks)
nbstripout --install

This automatically adds the hook to any notebook and strips out the output from any notebook in the repo.Testing this out:

git add Test.ipynb

How can we achieve this in DataIku?
Can this be integrated with DataIku as an option?



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Hi @sujayramaiah ,

The ability to strip notebook output before commits is currently in our backlog.

Unfortunately, I don't see a way to integrate the method you mentioned with DSS currently based on how the git and notebook are set up in DSS.

However, if a user clears all output from the menu in the Cell - All Outputs - Clear and saves the notebook before committing their changes to external git. The external git would not have any of the data from the notebook outputs. 


Hope that helps!


Dataiker Alumni

A product idea to Strip cell outputs from notebooks during version control commits  has been submitted. Please share your support through your vote and add your expectations for the ideal implementation in the comments there.