Bundle exists for non-existing project

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Bundle exists for non-existing project

Hi Community!

I had initially created a bundle for a project to deploy on the production node.
Wanting to roll-back the bundle, I deleted the bundle and subsequently also the project on the production node.

When attempting to create a new bundle using the same name I get:

"Failed - tag 'Tag={ object 797c0dac99d365a8cce0cd90a4b160bf496a8e04 type commit tag dss-bundle-SITEUSECASES-SiteCharacterizer_0_1 tagger PersonIdent[EMJSS, emjss@vestas.com, Tue Mar 5 14:10:00 2024 +0000] Created Bundle for project SITEUSECASES: SiteCharacterizer_0_1}' already exists"

The project "SITEUSECASES" has been deleted, and so has the bundle.

How do I deploy a new bundle to a new project, without getting this error? Either overwriting existing or merely deleting any orphans.

Operating system used: Win10 64-bit

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I am afraid you did not follow the correct procedure. To roll back a bundle you should simple activate the previous bundle in the Automation node. If the bundle also contains data, the data will be imported as well and override current data. If the bundle doesn't contain data (most likely as data makes bundles too big) you will need to check what reprocesing you need to do in your flow to revert all changes done by the bundle you want to roll back. In some cases it may not be possible to do a full roll back without restoring the data to the previous state when the prior bundle was deployed (ie database restore). 

Even though you deleted the project and the bundle in the Automation node they are still present in your Designer node so you will need to create a new bundle with a new name. Alternatively you should be able to deploy the previous bundle again. 


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