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API to get dataset size in DSS

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API to get dataset size in DSS

I am trying to get the size of all the datasets in my project using a python code in DSS. I am unable to extract this information. Can anyone help resolve this issue?

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Hi joshi123,

If by "size" you mean the number of rows and columns of your datasets, you can do so by retrieving  metrics using the Dataset API. Here is an example that builds a list of dictionaries, each list item having the name and (number_of_rows, number_of_columns) as values:

import dataikuapi
client = dataikuapi.DSSClient(host=YOUR_HOST, api_key=YOUR_API_KEY)
project = client.get_project(YOUR_PROJECT_KEY)

dataset_sizes = []
last_val = lambda x: x["lastValues"][0]["value"] if x["lastValues"] else 0
for d in project.list_datasets():
    dataset_handle = project.get_dataset(
    dataset_handle.compute_metrics()     # (!) Can be costly for large datasets
    metrics = dataset_handle.get_last_metric_values()
                          "size": (last_val(metrics.get_metric_by_id("records:COUNT_RECORDS")),





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