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A question about plugin related due to "No recorded container image"

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A question about plugin related due to "No recorded container image"

Hi Gurus,

I have a python program which read a folder containing huge files and get some meta data.

I converted it into a plugin but when I run the plugin I get this error:

No recorded container image tag for this code environment
in act.compute_test_NP: No recorded image tag for env PYTHON plugin_sgy-metadata-reader_managed version= null. Maybe you need to build Docker image
Any help is appreciated



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The error does not come from converting the recipe into a dev plugin but from the container configuration selected to run the plugin component.

The error message suggests that there's no image available for code env "plugin_sgy-metadata-reader_managed version" If you have not build one yet, you would have to make sure to build code env image to use that code env on containers.

To build the image, you can go to the code env page -> Containerized execution - > select "Build for <container configuration that you'd like to build this image for>/All container configuration" and "Update." This will build a container image for this code env based on the container-exec base image.


Another posibility if you did not intent to run this recipe containerised, or not containerised to this code env, is to change the settings on the plugin component from the flow. On the flow doubleclick on the plugin component > Advanced > Container configuration. Here, select a valid container configuration (i.e. a configuration where the code env image has been built) or local execution.