2 recipe that output to the same datasets

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2 recipe that output to the same datasets

Hi there, 

I understand that we cannot use the output of another recipe as another output of a recipe. Is there a work way around this? My situation is as below:

one of the recipe would have a condition that if necessary it would need to update an output of another recipe with the datasets. the datasets of the other recipes mainly act as a validation sets. 

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Welcome to the dataiku community.  We are so glad you have joined us.

I am having a bit of difficulty understanding your use case. 

That said, one of the main ways of getting multiple datasets together is through one of the join or fuzzy join recipes.  (Which one of these one uses is usually related to having a common identifier in both datasets.  This identifier is used to join the two data sets.) You may need to run a recipie or two to prepare the two datasets so that you have a common identifier (some times called a key)

If you want to share a bit of dummy data from each of the data sets (likely not the real data) with the folks here.  There may be someone around who can make a few more suggestions.  It is often helpful to also share what you are expecting the outcome data to look like as well based on the dummy data. 

Have a great day.  

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I am with Tom, I don't understand your requirement. Please explain in more detail. I will also suggest you explain your actual requirement rather than how you think it can be achieved as there might be better ways of implementing the requirement. 

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