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14 Must-Know Statistics and Probability Terms for Data Science

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14 Must-Know Statistics and Probability Terms for Data Science

Originally posted by Dataiku on April 5, 2021 by @cgrasso88 

Data scientists: You may recognize or know some of these terms from your data science work, as they can be particularly helpful when applying statistics and probability to data science and machine learning. Whether you are working on a project where statistics might come in handy or you just want to discover (or freshen up on!) initial concepts, we hope you find these definitions clear and helpful. By knowing the statistical foundations of your work, you can bring a fresh perspective to a data project or reach a resolution faster by breaking down the basics instead of jumping right into the flashier machine learning techniques.



Go Further on Stats for Data Science

Discover an overview of basic statistics concepts and relevant ways to apply them to data science, along with helpful examples and Dataiku features to make the process hassle free.



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