KSTEC - Introduction to ESG and Collaboration-oriented Data Science Platform Utilization

Name: Boksu Oh 


Country: Korea South

Organization: KSTEC

Service company for Knowledge System Technology.

Awards Categories:

  • Most Impactful Ikigai Story


Business Challenge:

We were asked to introduce successful cases suitable for the "AI/BigData application technology" section under the theme of "AI for Sustainable & Social Innovation" at the "Korea Institute of Intelligent Information Systems (www.kiiss.or.kr)" in Korea.


Business Solution:

I thought of "AI for Sustainable & Social Innovation" as an example of Dataiku's ESG use case that fits the topic. And I was able to get positive attention from participants by introducing the Dataiku success story to the conference titled "Using ESG and Collaborative Data Science Platforms".


Value Generated:

Through the Intelligent Information Systems Society, which has been interacting with major Korean companies and schools for over 30 years, we were able to introduce global ESG cases to members of various societies.


Value Brought by Dataiku:

Revitalize related academies and communities through the sharing of rapid data and AI application cases for various needs in various fields.

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01-09-2023 03:45 PM
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