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Use your cloud offering to provide an even better and more complete academy experience

A few trainings of the more advanced courses seem to be using licensed training (I've only identified 1 so far : 

see ) and it's likely more will come. 

You might consider using your cloud and provide "per tutorial" instances (/setup) where the only thing the end user can do is to run "XYZ training course". 

You might want to look at qwiklabs from google for inspiration. 


Level 4

I forgot to mention such approach would support a free training model, even on paying features. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Acknowledged

Hi @Herve - thank you very much for your suggestion! 

We have moved this suggestion here to the Community Feedback board, this is just so we can better keep track of which of our teams is going to be getting back to you on this.

We've passed this on to the team that handles our Academy courses and they'll get back to you here.