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Unable to view topics on mobile.

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Hi team,

I had an issue accessing community on mobile.

I get the attached error when I try to open any topic in the community dicussions when i am signed in from my mobile. If i logoff and then view the topic on the mobile it works fine. 

Is this a known limitation?

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Status changed to: Needs Info

Hi @NN sorry to hear about your issue. Unfortunately the error you are alluding to didn't in fact attach/ Can you try attaching it again or just showing us a screenshot of it? Also can you let us know if it is Apple or Android since it is mobile.


This on Android 11

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Status changed to: Investigating

Thank you @NN we'll look into it and let you know when we are able to determine what can be causing this error. Let us know if this resolves for you and any steps you may have taken to resolve it. 

Thanks Corey .  And just to add.  Whats wierd is that I am able to view and comment on this post from my mobile.

But I tried accessing other posts like below

And it gives the same error





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Thanks for taking the time to report this issue and sorry that you had to encounter it at all. From my experience these exceptions are caused by some of the content distribution network of our community hosting acting up. That's why the same page load is working finr when accessed from one network (e.g. desktop on landline) while it's failing on others (mobile). This is usually temporary and lasts only a few minutes. Can you confirm that you can load these pages fine on your mobile today?

We'll be taking the exception ID to our community platform vendor for further investigation to understand what went wrong and how these rare errors can be further reduced.

Hi @ClaudiusH thankyou for looking into this.

I still get the same message while accessing the post.

Again just to reiterate. If i was to logoff from my profile and then try to view these posts on mobile it works fine. But it gives the error when i am logged in to my community profile.

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Thanks for testing again and I am both surprised and sorry that it's still not working for you. I tested with both Chrome and Edge browsers on my Android 13 device and couldn't reproduce. But the Exception ID hints that it's most likely a server response issue.
Is there a difference when you are signing in from the community front page and then browse to the topic versus signing in while on the topic page?

HI @ClaudiusH ,
I get the same response irrespective of which page i login from.
But since it works for you and no one else seems to have reported this, i think its something specific to my device.

Please feel free to close this request .

If i do find anything which works i would definitely keep you informed.