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Conundrum 7: The Job Hunt

Community Manager
Community Manager
Conundrum 7: The Job Hunt
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Provided is (anonymised) data about over five hundred thousand people polled in the UK 2011 census. It includes each persons sex, age, marital status and other points.
Using all of this information can you build a model that predicts if the person is currently in work - either Employed or Self-Employed?
As you will quickly find you should be able to build a very accurate model because the data includes - 'hours worked per week', 'economic activity', and 'industry' data-points. So to turn things up a notch once you have built your first model try removing those and building a new one on 'hard mode'! 
You will need to refer to the following Key if you wish to know what the values in the data really mean!
Source: Office for National Statistics licensed under the Open Government Licence v.1.0.
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I forgot we could export models to jupyter notebooks, thanks @tgb417 !