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Conundrum 1: Law and Order Modeling

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Conundrum 1: Law and Order Modeling

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Welcome to our first Community Conundrum! Get ready to put your deerstalkers on and dive into the world of crime! Below you will find a dataset containing crime data relating to March 2019 in Hampshire, UK. This data includes a few things including the type of crime, location where it took place etc. 

Can you use this data to build a model that predicts if the accused received any form of punishment? 

For the sake of clarity we count the following, and only the following, outcomes as punishment - you may spot a certain common word to make filtering your data easier! 

  • Offender given a caution
  • Offender given community sentence
  • Offender fined
  • Offender given conditional discharge
  • Offender sent to prison
  • Offender given suspended prison sentence
  • Offender ordered to pay compensation 
  • Offender deprived of property
  • Offender given a drugs possession warning

You can find the data attached. Now go ahead and get modeling! 

Once you have a solution please feel free to export your project and upload it here so we can all benefit from each other's efforts! Refer to the guidance in our Submission guidelines  to see how to properly export your project.

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