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Introducing our Hosts: Triveni Gandhi

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Name: Triveni Gandhi (Dr. Gandhi if you’re feelin’ spicy)


Role on the Podcast: Veteran BDN co-host

About me: Data Scientist, Responsible AI. I did a Ph.D in political science and worked at a non-profit before coming to Dataiku. As a result I am always looking for ways to understand the new world of tech from a perspective of social equity and opportunity.

Favorite Algorithm: XGBoost or Light GBM - fast and reliable! 

What I think every person in data should know: Everything we do with data, including modeling, is subject to historic, hidden, or personal biases. Data and AI are not neutral - they are shaped by and subject to human bias.

Favorite episode of the Banana Data Podcast: What Makes a Good Data Science Practice is definitely an all-time favorite. We got to explore what we think is important for not only data scientists, but the whole organization. 

My data science hot take: We spend way too much time trying to show off how smart we are with fancy algos and stats jargons. Use the data correctly, and let it reveal the truth - even if that is not what you want to hear. Smoke and mirrors just to get the best score isn’t always the right thing.