Test answer for ML Practitioner

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Test answer for ML Practitioner

Dear Dataiku team,

Now I pass ML Practitioner exam but my score is not full.

After the exam, I want to learn more about some questions that I mistake (my score is not full).

However, I do not see the answer link. Could you please support about it? 

Thank you in advance.

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Hi @Donato_TH and welcome to the Dataiku Community. Unfortunately, we cannot provide that information at this time. As listed in the Dataiku Academy FAQ:

Q : Can I improve my reported final test score?


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A : The Academy platform always reports the first passing score.


Q : Will I receive a breakdown of the questions I answered correctly and incorrectly after the exam?

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A :  No.  Unfortunately, there are parties selling the answers to our previous certificate exam, so in order to preserve the validity and value of the assessment, we will not be sharing the questions and answers.

I hope this clarifies things for you.

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