Ran into an _JAVA_OPTIONS error when running the Managed Folders Hands On

Ran into an _JAVA_OPTIONS error when running the Managed Folders Hands On

When working through the Managed Folders Hands-On.  I copied the script from the instructions.  I was investigating this script in a Jupyter Notebook trying to better understand how it works.

However, when I get to these statements

# read in the pdf and use tabula-py to extract tabular data
with un_pdf_download.get_download_stream("the_worlds_cities_in_2016_data_booklet.pdf") as stream:
tables = read_pdf(stream, pages = "12-26", multiple_tables = True)

I ended up getting this error message.

Got stderr: Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS: -Xss10m -Xmx4096M

This actually seems to be more of a warning than an error.  The process seems to have been completed correctly. 

Does anyone know what the "error" is actually WARNING me about?


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Hi @tgb417,

Late response on this thread, to answer your question "Picked up _JAVA_OPTIONS" simply means states that the JVM was able to find " Xss10m -Xmx4096M"  set via JAVA_OPTIONS

This is totally fine since we use java options  to set xmx as described here:



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