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Partial release of ML Practitioner

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Partial release of ML Practitioner

It is great to see the partial release of the ML Practioner Learning Path.  Thanks to all who have spent so much time preparing the material.

I note that a number of the classes or the ML Paractioner Learning Path have not yet been released.  I'm particularly interested in the 3 Time Series Courses.  Can you comment on the expected completion timelines for the remainder of the modules?

I'm wondering about going through what is there at this time and doing the certification module.  Or wait until all of the modules before doing Certificate Module.  (Is there any particular value to either approach?)

Finally for folks that are using the community edition is there any way for us to complete the Partitioned Modules course of the learning path.  If I remember correctly, this is one of the things that got in my way of completing certification in the past.



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Hi Tom!

All the optional courses are "in flight", and the current plan is to publish them as they're available, rather than all at once, over the next few weeks.  

I think if a person is comfortable with the ML and statistical concepts, then it would be fine to do the required courses and get the certificate now, then do the optional courses.  Otherwise it might be best to wait for those conceptual courses.

Thank you for bringing up the issue you're having with the Partitioned Models course.  I'll bring it up with the team and get back to you.

Hi Tom, to follow up on this, in order to ensure that people with the Free Edition can achieve the ML Practitioner certificate, the Partitioned Models course has been reclassified as Optional and the Assessment test updated.

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So for clarity please, the four required courses then for the ML Certificate module would be as follows: Machine Learning Basics, Scoring Basics, Interactive Visual Statistics, and Partitioned Models.  Yes?  And thanks for putting all this together!  Looking forward to diving in...

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Hi @phb yes, that's correct!