NEW Developer Learning Path & 1 Year Dataiku Academy!

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Community Manager
NEW Developer Learning Path & 1 Year Dataiku Academy!

On behalf of the Dataiku Academy team, I’d like to share with you our newly released Developer learning path -- officially one year after the launch of Dataiku Academy!

This learning path contains a series of courses, including videos, hands-on tutorials, and quizzes, geared towards coders who are familiar with Dataiku DSS, and who are looking to maximize their capabilities. 

The Developer learning path is perfect for coders of any level looking to take full advantage of what Dataiku DSS has to offer.

Feel free to share news of the new learning path with colleagues or other Dataiku DSS users that you know, and don’t hesitate to reach out here if you have any questions or feedback 🙂

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Many thanks for your kind notification!

Can you please, add this certificate new videos to the YouTube Channel;

Our Dataiku Academy is your path to Dataiku DSS Mastery! Here you'll find trainings on specific features of Dataiku DSS, guided curriculum and certificate as...
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