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Learning path : Advanced Designer ( not enabled in your Dataiku DSS license)

Level 3
Learning path : Advanced Designer ( not enabled in your Dataiku DSS license)

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to follow the Advanced Designer path and I am stuck at several steps of the learning process but mostly in the Automation course.

I can't have access, the Checks and Scenarios parts because of this message : " not enabled in your Dataiku DSS license"

Maybe it's normal cause I am using a free license (via Linux with VMware) but I didn't find any message from users who seem stuck too or anything in the description of the learning path?

Is it just me or is it normal for every learners ?

Thanks a lot.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Sv3n-Sk4 , some of the more advanced automation features are indeed not accessible with the free edition. The Automation Monitoring screen for example is not included in the free edition. But that shouldn't stand in your way to complete this tutorial. Can you share the exact point you encounter this error? At the least, we can better alert users to an issue.

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Level 3

Thanks for your answer 🙂


Here is a screenshot : 


Capture d’écran 2022-05-24 215930.png


During the : Hands-On: Metrics & Checks


I can't follow these instructions  :

Create Your Own Checks
Now let’s use these metrics to establish checks on the dataset.

Navigate to the Checks subtab.
None exist yet so create one in the Edit tab.
By definition, we know FICO scores range from 300 to 850. If a value is outside of this range, we will assume there must be some kind of data quality problem, and we want a failure notice.

Under “Add a new check”, select Metric value is in a numeric range.
Name it FICO >= 300.
Choose Min of card_fico_score as the metric.
Turn the Minimum ON, and set it to 300.
Click Check to see how it will work. It should return “OK”, and the message 300. We could have found the same result in the Analyze tool.

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