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Hi, While doing Core design hands on There is task to transform value from country data to per capita data! can some one help to get familize here!

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I guess you mean this task in particular:

Some columns report country total data. Transform these columns into per capita data. You will not need the original columns (including Population) for further analysis.

In the data you have, some columns contain the Total of a variable (or measure) by country. For example, you could have one column that has for each country the "Total meat production in kilograms". What they are asking you to do is to calculate a column with the value per capita, i.e., the amount of the variable that is produced or consumed by one person in the country.

So, if you have "total meat production in kilograms" they want you to calculate "meat production per person in kilograms". To do this you need to find a column with the total population of the country, and the divide the total value by the population to get the per capita value.

Hope this helps and doesn't confuse more!

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@Ignacio_Toledo so you meant is to divide the total population column by other columns?

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Hi @priyanka22kar,

No, the "total population" column is the divisor:

consumption_per_capita = total_country_consumption / total_country_population

or it could be production of something, or another quantity.

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Hi @Ignacio_Toledo , I think you were right. I was looking to do the same for my test . good explanation.

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Can you help me whit the exact syntax

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