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L1 and L2 certifications

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L1 and L2 certifications

Hi there, 

Could you please help me to understand the different certifications in Dataiku and share the details on L1, L2 certifications. 

I have completed Core designer certification. Now, i have interested to complete Administrator Course. Could you please give more info on certifications and Dataiku  learnings.




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I believe L1 and L2 certifications are part of the old certification process. Please check the Dataiku Academy FAQ for more details.


We are advised to follow courses that are active in the Academy Platform for obtaining the latest certificates. Currently, Core Designer and ML Practitioner learning paths are active and we can complete the certifications in these two.

Hope this helps !!  

Level 1

o How and where to take L1 and L2 to get the certificate?



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