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Filters on Charts

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Filters on Charts

I am brand new to Dataiku (so pardon the dumb question 😁) and going through the Core Designer certification.  In the Dashboards section of Basics 103 it shows a dashboard with a year filter.  I have my dataset setup and this chart basically built but I cannot figure out how to get the year to show up as a dynamic filter.  Any guidance?  




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Hello kguyette! 😁

Welcome to Dataiku as a new user and thank you so much for the excellent question! At 1:27 in the Basics 103 Dashboards video, there is a dashboard showing an animated insight that was built by creating a chart from the enriched Orders dataset.

Dashboard Year Filter.gif





When creating the chart, there is an Animation section that you can configure to make this animated filter happen. Looks like you've already figured out how to create the insight. Here are the instructions for building an animated order_date_year filter:

  1. Enrich the Orders dataset with the Customers datasets to create orders_enriched.
  2. Use a Prepare recipe to Extract date components from order_date so that one of your components is order_date_year.
  3. Explore your new output dataset which we'll call orders_enriched_prepared.
  4. Create a Chart as shown in the image below, configuring the Animation for order_date_year.Animating Order Date Year.png
  5. You can then add this chart to a dashboard as an insight by clicking the button to add tiles to the slide, selecting Chart, then selecting Pick existing insight.
  6. Find and select your new chart.
  7. Dataiku DSS plays the animation and you can select a year from the filter.

I hope this helps!

You can always find out more about common chart elements by visiting the reference documentation.

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Thanks @taraku.  I got it now.  I had tried that earlier and what was throwing me was how it looked in the view or edit page of the chart vs when I now see it on the dashboard.  The binning also confused me a bit but I figured that out now as well.