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Embedded videos in some tutorials don't have audio

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Embedded videos in some tutorials don't have audio

Some of the video tutorials in "Operationalization" section don't have audio.  I have tried both Chrome as well as Safari.  Any thoughts?



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@Al_Gharak ,

I have definitely seen some of the videos that do not have audio.  (This was an intentional choice on the part of the Academy team in the cases I've seen.)

Can you include a link to the page where you are seeing this situation?  

If you do someone in the community can verify if the video you are talking about is one of the videos without audio.


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Tom is correct.  Generally speaking:

  • If the video is a lesson, it should have sound.
  • If a video is embedded within a lesson, it may not have sound, because the video is illustrating the text instructions prior to the video.