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DSS not showing Dataiku DSS Administrator

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DSS not showing Dataiku DSS Administrator

As per the document: , its advising to use Administration option  but in my DSS i dont find such option.  Please find the screenshot.   Am i missing something here (or) any other tools/command line to be used to get the admin access?


Note: i am in the trail version and it has 7 days left before end of trial


Appreciate your help to complete the course.

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Hi @ercsaravanan as you suspected in the trial version (and in Dataiku Online in general) there is no administration option. However, you can utilize the Launchpad in your instance to connect your data.

You bring up a fair point however in terms of the Academy tutorial not being clear in that regard. So we will flag this tutorial for doc improvement. Thanks for surfacing this here and I hope this helps!

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As per : , its not allowing the localhost connection for Postgresql. It requires public server.

As per, we can use localhost.


Whats the best way to connect SQL (Postgresql from local) and test the use case from DSS for the trail version users?

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Indeed you won't be able to connect to localhost from Dataiku online. 

You need to use Public IP or DNS name where you have your Postgres instance. 

If you installed Postgres on your local machine, you would need to expose Postgres via public IP on a home network which would be quite complex. 

It may be easier to use a free tier service like ngork to create a tunnel to your local machine. See  After you install the client and establish the tunnel, you can connect to the ngork provided URL/port to connect to your local instance. 

Or install Postgres on AWS/Azure/GCP etc. 

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it is actually a quite confusing. on the other hand, snowflakes account is not useful for further progress  with the course. For example, in Dataiku and SQL module, hands-on sync recipe requires postgres which we cannot establish a connection using the local host. Please update the material with clear steps 


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