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Core designer certificate

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Core designer certificate


I am trying to do the project for the core designer certificate. I have load the 3 dataset but when I'm doing the join between the three dataset I have 955 rows and not 985  rows as it say in the hand-on instructions.

There is any problem with dataset?

Thank you for your help.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @ccomes3007 , I can confirm that you should indeed have 985 rows in the output to the Join. Since you have fewer rows than expected, you might want to check:

- Are you correctly filtering for the required years?

- Are you using the correct type of Join?

- Has Step 2 been completed? Do you have numeric columns stored as numbers?

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Hi @SeanA Sean, I have the same issue, but getting 2940 rows. I have tried different join methods, I have filtered for years before the join as well as after the join and checked it in the output dataset, numeric columns are stored as int, but whatever I do, I cannot get less than 2940 rows in the output dataset 😞

Any suggestions, please?

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