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Automation tutorial

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Automation tutorial

Hi , am trying to run the " get US census block group for lat Ion" plug in, but every time am getting this error:

Job failed: Error in python process: At line 11: <type 'exceptions.NameError'>: name 'logging' is not defined


am not an administrator, so not much I can do to modify or debug code. Has anyone faced this? I have tried importing a new version (zip file) but still issues with another piece of the code.


Any solutions to this is highly appreciated thanks


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Hi, @jmoreno11.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble! To help us troubleshoot, which version of DSS and version of the Census plugin are you using? 



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I am also getting this error.

Dataiku DSS

Version 11.2.0

Plugin version is 0.3.5

Thank you!

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