Advanced Design Certification assessment

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Advanced Design Certification assessment

There is a question in the Advanced Design Certification assessment that may be incorrectly designed.

In the assessment project, from your calculations of the top 5 customers from each year, which customerid represented the third-highest total revenue in 2009?

  • 15061 (second highest)
  • 14191 (not listed)
  • 13694 (first)
  • 17450 (second highest in year 2011)


15311 (third highest, but not among the answers)

I have checked this a few times, but the correct answer remains the same (customerid = 15311), which is not among the questions official answers.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @celiomesquita , from our copy of the project, your answer is very close but not correct. From your result, I suspect you have the overall structure of the Flow correct, but somewhere upstream you may have filtered rows somewhat differently.

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