Transposing column headers to rows (post Json unnest)

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I am doing work with getting data from api's and parsing/manipulating it. I have connected to the api source via the api connect plug-in and I have parsed the json via the unnest object recipe. Unfortunately, instead of outputting two columns such as Json_name and Json_value, it puts all the Json names as columns with all the values in the rows, leaving me with thousands and thousands of columns and one row with the names as the headers. Looking for a transpose tool where I can select every column header. Don't know of anything in dataiku that can do this. I am aware of the tools where you have to manually select all the columns. Let me know. I've included the data with the top row being the column headers and the only row in the table being the values for each json_name. Thank you

api_response json_name1 json_name2 json_name3 ...

long json phrase json_value1 json_value2 json_value3 ...

Operating system used: Windows


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