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WHEN I try to merge tables, it takes me a long time after the step fails

, Can somebody help me please


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    Welcome to the Dataiku Community. We are glad you have joined us.

    Dataiku supports a bunch of different types of datasets; from file system, to SQL Server, to more esoteric types of data store.

    Can you clarify the kinds of tables you are trying to merge?

    How big are the tables?

    What visual recipe or approach are you trying to use to merge the tables. Stack, Join, or some other approach.

    Is the data schema on the tables you are merging the same? That is are the columns in both tables the same? It may help if you can share an example that more clearly shows your use case.

    What error message are you getting when you run the merge. How long are things taking?

    These details are likely to help others here in the Dataiku Community be of more assistance.

    In the absence of those details. Here are some links that you might find helpful

    This is a link to the visual recipes that discusses a bit about some of the various data storage considerations and visual recipe types.

  • sabri
    sabri Dataiku DSS Core Designer, Dataiku DSS ML Practitioner, Registered Posts: 2

    this is to merge the 3 tables for the examen core designer, using the fuzzy join option in fact, I managed to merge two tables (assuming this output table is table A) the problem that I encounter is to merge table A and the third table it gives no error but it shows me a very very long download time

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