Failed to start the kernel error on python notebooks with KeyErrors

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I've been experiencing kernel errors with python notebooks.

Sometimes a notebook will not be able to start a kernel anymore. For example after a kernel dies and I try to restart it.

After that ,for that notebook, no kernel/code env will work anymore. Not even kernels that worked with it previously.

Sometimes making a copy of the notebook helps, but not always.

The problem seems very intermittent.

The reported errors (in Jupyter) are always of the form:

Traceback (most recent call last):File "/opt/dss/dataiku-dss-11.2.0/python37.packages/tornado/", line 1592, in _executeresult = yield resultFile "/opt/dss/dataiku-dss-11.2.0/python37.packages/tornado/", line 1133, in runvalue = future.result()File "/opt/dss/dataiku-dss-11.2.0/python37.packages/tornado/", line 1147, in runyielded = self.gen.send(value)File "/opt/dss/dataiku-dss-11.2.0/dku-jupyter/packages/notebook/services/sessions/", line 73, in postmodel = yield gen.maybe_future(sm.get_session(path=session_virtual_path))File "/opt/dss/dataiku-dss-11.2.0/dku-jupyter/packages/notebook/services/sessions/", line 176, in get_sessionreturn self.row_to_model(row)File "/opt/dss/dataiku-dss-11.2.0/dku-jupyter/packages/notebook/services/sessions/", line 223, in row_to_model'kernel': self.kernel_manager.kernel_model(row['kernel_id'])File "/opt/dss/dataiku-dss-11.2.0/dku-jupyter/packages/notebook/services/kernels/", line 333, in kernel_model"connections": self._kernel_connections[kernel_id],KeyError: '7210d703-fbc6-47f4-bf85-2b2547e2b224'

citing a KeyError

Is there any way to make the notebooks work with (any) kernel again?

Operating system used: Windows 10



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