Create a project branch with python code

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Hello Community.
I have the following situation and was wondering what is possible:

Team 1 had created multiple projects and Team 2 needs to validate all those projects.
In order to do the validation, additional checks and recipes might be added, however, the original project(s) need to be remaining as is, including the datasets.

I was wondering if it is possible to write a Python recipe/script that would do the following:

- Create a new branch of a project (as a new project) (perhaps to a new location)

- Add Team 2 as admin to the security of the copied project

- Change the intermediate/output data sets to different connection

Would this be a possibility or do you think of a different solution?

Thanks in advance.

Marc Robert

Operating system used: Centos



  • VitaliyD
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    Hi, we are following up on a support ticket that opened on this and will post the solution accordingly.



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