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I'm a beginner in Dataiku, I built few flows, did tranings.

Now I'm stucked with a problem: I built a flow (prepare, filter, group etc) and now I've got some updated data. I would like to replace very first dataset with my new data. Number of columns is the same, some column names are changed.

Is it possible?

I know recipes uses column names and it will not be possible for some of them to recognize new column names. But still - can I do it? Will it show me points where I need to update column names/positions?

Sorry for my English, I'm trying my best

Thank you in advance for any comment!


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    Welcome to the Dataiku Community!

    If the input dataset changes and column names have changed you will need to Propagate the new schema in your flow. The course here goes into more detail.

    But in summary, if you right-click on your input dataset once you have updated it and saved the new schema you can then select "Propagate Schema across Flow from here"

    Screenshot 2021-10-13 at 15.35.18.png

    Hope this helps!

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    Hi @AlexT

    thanks for the welcome.

    I went for a simple solution, which is replacing files in setting section of a dataset - worked for test files and the propagation did its job.

    I'll work on target large files next week and we'll see how it goes:)

    Thank you!

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    Hello, how you can replace source file ?
    Do you have a license for DSS ? I'm using free version. It's not work

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