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Hello the community,

Right how I'm developing a dataiku connector. Here are some problems that I met:

  • When the input is a Dataset type which can be configured in "params" of the json file, how do I pass an existing dataset? When I pass an existing dataset, it's str type. If I use dataiku.Dataset(dataset_name(which I can get from that interactive page generated by json file)) , it will give me an exception saying that "Dataset XXX is specified with a relative name, but no default project was found. Please use complete name". My question is : is this the right way to pass a dataset? And if so how can I get the current project_key ? Becuase when I write the project key hard coded, it gives me an exception "no dss url or api key found from any location"

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    in DSS terminology, a connector would be a dataset type, so you're probably actually referring to a plugin recipe?

    In a plugin recipe, you define roles in the recipe.json, which get used in the recipe creation modal to let the user chose or define datasets. Then you use `get_input_names_for_role(...)` to get dataset names from the role names you have defined in the json, and do `Dataset(the_dataset_name)` as usual to get a handle on the dataset. You're not supposed to use parameters of type DATASET(S).


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