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I'm trying to upload a csv file to dataiku trialversion but I get fewer lines than my dataset.

is there a maximum number of lines for csv file in the trial version?

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    answer is great. However, as a new user, I know that I had trouble finding this screen. You might still be wondering how to get to the Sample Settings. To get to the Sample Size you may need to click on a non-descript gray tab on the left-hand side of your screen. In @sergeyd
    screenshot, this is in the middle of this image, when the panel on the left is open.

    The default limit is set because if you have 10's of millions or billions of rows of data you don't want to try to load all of the data into the browser before you can take a look.

    If you substantially increase the number of rows you are viewing and depending on how wide your data is (number of columns) you may find that you also have to increase the max memory limits on this page as well.

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