Creating project from bundel on automation node using python API

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Using the python API we have created a bundle on the Design node. We would like to use this bundle to create a new project on the Automation node. We get an 405 error, which says that the "GET" method is not supported for URL.

The code which runs on the dataiku Design node:

import dataiku

import dataikuapi

client = dataiku.api_client()

project_key = "AAA_BBB_CCC"

project = client.get_project(project_key=project_key)

bundle_id = "test_v1"

project.export_bundle (bundle_id)

If I use project.exported_bundles() I can confirm that the bundle was indeed exported. And when I examine the directory is created.


Here I connect to the automation node and try to create a project from

host = "url_automation:port"

api_key = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

auto_client = dataikuapi.DSSClient(host, api_key)

project = auto_client.get_project(project_key = project_key)


Now i get the 405 error, I tried to use streams instead of archive but i still recieved the 405 error described above.


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    I'm not sure why you are getting 405 error but here is the code I'm using to create 'v1' bundle on Design and import to Automation. This code will also create project (required when pushing your first version) and activate the bundle

    client_des = dataikuapi.DSSClient(hostname_design, design_admin_api_key)client_aut = dataikuapi.DSSClient(hostname_auto, auto_api_key)proj_key = 'DKU_TUTORIAL_PYTHON'project_des = client_des.get_project(proj_key)project_aut = client_aut.get_project(proj_key)bundle = 'v1'project_des.export_bundle(bundle)aut_projects = client_aut.list_project_keys()fp = project_des.get_exported_bundle_archive_stream(bundle)if not proj_key in aut_projects:client_aut.create_project_from_bundle_archive(fp.content)else:project_aut.import_bundle_from_stream(fp.content)project_aut.activate_bundle(bundle)

    If you still get an error please provide full code and full error output

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