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Can you please explain to me the recommended way to integrate with Git over HTTPS? In the documentation here: it says that the user credentials for the git repository have to be stored in memory in the Git Credentials cache, but this requires a user to issue a git command, (like a pull for instance) and then enter their credentials in STDIN to authenticate.

If I understand correctly, those credentials are then stored in memory, and will preclude the need to enter them again on subsequent interaction with the remote repo (until the cache times out). Does this require someone to SSH into the DSS node and manually add those to the cache every time the cache times out? Is there a "better" way to do this in case the DSS node gets restarted or a timeout is exceeded?



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    Hi @tim-wright

    As you describe indeed HTTPS git authentication will expire and it will require someone to perform it again. You should also consider scenarios of 2FA for git which make HTTPS more cumbersome.

    The recommended way would be to use SSH authentication, which helps to mitigate the effects described above and by you.

    I hope this helps!

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