Cannot display a web content insight in a dashboard

Clément_Stenac Dataiker, Dataiku DSS Core Designer Posts: 753 Dataiker

While adding a "web content" insight to a Dataiku DSS dashboard, you may see either a blank insight, or the "unhappy face" like this:


An issue can be that you are trying to embed a non-secure (http://) within a secure (https://) DSS. This kind of embedding is forbidden by browsers as a security measure. Dataiku DSS cannot disable or work-around this restriction.

However, individual users can disable this protection, just for DSS. Each user needs to do it independently:

  • For Chrome, click on the "Shield" icon at the right of the address bar, and click on "Disable protection for this page".
  • For Firefox, click on the "Lock" icon, then on "Firefox blocked ...", and click on "Disable protection".

For more information on dashboards in Dataiku DSS, please see the reference documentation or visit this Academy lesson.

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