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I am new to Dataiku interface, I am running with an issue opening the default URL. Installed Virtualbox and imported DSS image successfully. Copied the URL from welcome banner and tried to open in local browser but errors out with an message "Page cannot be reached".

Ran below troubleshooting steps to resolve issue

1. ./bin/dss status (all processes running)

2. curl (Connection refused)

Kindly, assist to resolve connection issue.

Thanks in advance.


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    On a quick look: The curl error message you are showing is referencing port 80 not 10000. try:


    What I also don't know from your description is are you trying to access the Data Science Studio URL from the virtual host command line. Or from the supporting host terminal. If you are trying to connect from the supporting host have you looked at your local firewall setup. The firewall might be getting in your way.

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