AI for Good with The Ocean Cleanup - June 30th

Michael Grayson
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On June 30th we are hosting an event around using AI for Good. Bruno Sainte-Rose will be presenting on how The Ocean Cleanup uses Dataiku DSS through the Ikigai program to conduct operational monitoring and modelling of their plastic cleanup systems.

Bruno will explain how he aggregated and processed data coming from different sources (environmental measurements, GPS trackers, weather forecast models…) in Dataiku DSS, and how this data is then used for operational live monitoring of the systems, background experiments, and calibration of behavioural and cleanup efficiency models.

Following the presentation an open forum will be held around “How we can use AI to enhance the good work being done around the world by non-profit organisations?” in which everyone is welcome to participate. This discussion will be moderated by Community star @tgb417

If you would like to participate please do register now!

For the curious here is some more information around AI for Good::

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