Upcoming Events Week of June 22nd

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Join us starting on Wednesday, June 24th, for a number of upcoming Community online events:

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  • Wednesday, June 24th at 12 pm ET - New York User Group virtual event on Anomaly Detection in the Opioid Files. @pmasiphelps (Lead Data Scientist, Dataiku) will present an anomaly detection project in Dataiku DSS, based on data from The Washington Post’s "The Opioid Files". The presentation will be followed by Q&As and a live exchange to share best practices on anomaly detection in DSS.


  • Thursday, June 25th at 11 am ET - Community online event on Data Science in Troubled Times. @VivienT (Director of AI Consulting, Dataiku) and @Léo (Research Director, Dataiku) will share guidelines and practical tips from the field to help data practitioners adapt their projects, processes, and skills to the new situation.

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  • Tuesday, June 30th at 11 am ET - Community online event on AI for Good - How The Ocean Cleanup Leverages Dataiku DSS. Bruno Sainte-Rose, The Ocean Cleanup’s lead computational modeler, will share how he and his team are leveraging Dataiku DSS to conduct operational monitoring and modeling of their plastic cleanup systems. The second part of the event will consist in a live breakout exchange to share perspectives around using AI for Good.

All of these events, as well as all past Community online events, are recorded and are available for future viewing via the Online Events page. Any questions about these events, feedback about past events, or suggested topics for future events? Comment below!

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