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The Dataiku Academy is a great start but much needs to be done to make it more user friendly. The number one thing I want is for the Dataiku Academy to track course completion properly across standalone courses and learning paths. At the top of a standalone course you get this notice:

About this course
To track your progress and work towards completion of the certificate program, you should register for this course through the Learning Paths. Any progress in this course will not count towards a certificate.

There should be no reason as to why you can't track standalone courses and mark them as completed on the relevant learning paths that use them. Likewise the courses I completed as part of a learning path should be marked as completed in the relevant standalone courses. This will allow users to learn piecemeal courses when they need and build up to be certified.



  • Christa1
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    Hi Turribeach,

    Thanks for your feedback ! This inconvenient is due to a technical blocker on the Learning Management System. We are currently studying a better way to handle free-of-registration courses & registration courses. We will keep you posted.


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