Use case 6 : Churn Prediction Advanced Machine Learning and Custom Code in Dataiku DSS

Gerry Leo
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So, I've been trying to follow along with the Use Case found here:


And when I got to this part, here


Where it supposed to create a Scikit-Learn (Python) model, and it returned me the following errors:

[2020/05/30-10:57:17.794] [FRT-36-FlowRunnable] [WARN] [dku.fs.local] - File does not exist: /Users/XXXX/Library/DataScienceStudio/dss_home/managed_datasets/CHURNPREDICTION/model_scikit[2020/05/30-10:57:17.796] [FRT-36-FlowRunnable] [INFO] [dku.datasets.file] - Building Filesystem handler config: {"connection":"filesystem_managed","path":"CHURNPREDICTION/train","notReadyIfEmpty":false,"filesSelectionRules":{"mode":"ALL","excludeRules":[],"includeRules":[],"explicitFiles":[]}}[2020/05/30-10:57:17.800] [FRT-36-FlowRunnable] [INFO] [dku.datasets.file] - Building Filesystem handler config: {"connection":"filesystem_managed","path":"CHURNPREDICTION/train","notReadyIfEmpty":false,"filesSelectionRules":{"mode":"ALL","excludeRules":[],"includeRules":[],"explicitFiles":[]}}[2020/05/30-10:57:17.834] [FRT-36-FlowRunnable] [WARN] [dku.code.projectLibs] - External libraries file not found: /Users/XXXX/Library/DataScienceStudio/dss_home/jobs/CHURNPREDICTION/Build_model_scikit_2020-05-30T03-57-15.627/localconfig/projects/CHURNPREDICTION/lib/external-libraries.json[2020/05/30-10:57:17.842] [FRT-36-FlowRunnable] [INFO] [dku.code.projectLi

Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 10.58.39.png

Can anyone point out to me what went wrong with my project instance? Thanks everyone.



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  • Alex_Reutter
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    Hi @gerryleonugroho
    , note that:

    1. the Teachable materials are deprecated; I would advise sticking to Academy unless you're ready to work through issues with somewhat out-of-date materials like this.
    2. the messages you've shown are warnings and not errors. I suspect, however, that your error is "
      <type 'exceptions.ImportError'>: No module named grid_search
      and you need to replace

      from sklearn.grid_search import GridSearchCV


      from sklearn.model_selection import GridSearchCV

      in the code to make it work.


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