How to make your question easy to answer

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Clearly understand and express your goal:

If people don’t know what you are trying to do then it’s much harder for them to help you - with that in mind be sure to clearly express your desired goal at the start of your post. This will help avoid people helping you achieve something you weren’t aiming for and ensure on topic assistance!

Include the relevant information:

What version of DSS are you running? What plugins are being used? These are some of the vital questions that people will likely need to know the answers to in order to be best able to help - make sure you answer them!

Be ready to provide extra info:

Ideally you managed to provide all someone trying to help will need in your original post - but sometimes it’s hard to know what information will be needed and you may need to share more. It’s not uncommon for someone to quite quickly ask you to share some additional information. It’s a good idea to stick around so you can help them help you by doing so!

Only use images where appropriate:

It can be tempting to take a quick screenshot of your code or an error message but ideally you should always try to copy and paste such things over. This will make it much easier for your prospective helper to get to grips with your situation.

Of course there are situations where it might help to be able to see your flow - in those cases visual aids are a valid idea!

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