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I was hoping you can lend some insight on how we may be able to setup DSS integration with GitHub for a large organization. One of the ways my team was trying to setup GitHub integration with DSS is through a service account for the DSS instance. This service account would have a GitHub account. However, we realized that there may be some issues we run into with this route as we will not be able to figure out who pushed to GitHub from DSS looking at the commits. The commits would just show that the DSS instance committed and pushed to the repo. Do you have any thoughts on how we can get the identities of the DSS users who committed and pushed to GitHub and attach it to their GitHub account so it looks like they are pushing the commits?

Thank you for your help!

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    While the push would come from Dataiku, the commits themselves would be properly tagged to each user. That's because each time you make a change in Dataiku, Dataiku generates a commit with the name and email of the user who did the commit.

    So in Github, you'll see the commits being done as the individual users. If the individual users have a Github account and their email address matches, their Github avatar will appear (else, Github shows a "ghost" but still with the correct name of the end user)


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