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Hello All,

I installed my Dataiku instance on the EC2 instance on AWS. After the installation, I had successfully accessed Dataiku console from my chrome browser. But after a couple of days, I could not log in onto the Dataiku console with the same login credentials. And there is no popup message that could help me identify the problem. Any recommendations or suggestions would really be helpful in this case.

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  • KimmyC
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    Sorry to hear that. The default login credentials are usually admin/admin. You've mentioned that there is no popup message indicating any sort of feedback? Can you please try doing a hard refresh (Ctrl-Shift-R) on your browser? And can you confirm that your DSS instance is indeed up and running correctly? You can check by running ./DATADIR/bin/dss status in your server.

  • Robel_Samuel
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    Hello, Thank you for your quick response. I have restarted it and it is working, did not do anything else. And it says ' could not establish WebSocket connection' Does that have to do anything with connection with EC2?

    Thank you for your support.

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